IRS Reminds Seniors to Remain Alert to Phone Scams during Tax Season

Unfortunately, during tax season scam artists like to take advantage of our seniors and try to threaten and coerce them by pretending to be and IRS Agent or an employee of the IRS, but they are not.  These phone scammers only want your tax return money, your savings, and maybe even your identity.  Do not fall for this scam.

These con-artists usually call people with an altered caller ID used to try to convince the recipient of the call they are legitimate agents of the Internal Revenue Service, when in fact they are nothing but criminals trying to scare you into paying money.

Victims of this scam are told they owe money to the IRS and must immediately pay or they will be arrested.  The con-artist will usually tell the victim that they need to pay through a pre-loaded debit card or wire transfer.  This scam is used to pray on people they consider vulnerable and will use threats and coercion to get their money any way they can.  Do not fall for this scam.  The IRS will never contact you via phone.

Another way these criminals try to scam their victims is to tell them they are due a REFUND and will try to trick them into revealing private information.  Do not under any circumstance reveal your private information to anyone over the phone.  The IRS does not work this way.

Read more here on how to protect yourself and learn more about these scams and how to protect yourself, your money and your identity.

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